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The Acquisition of Direct Object Scrambling and Clitic Placement: Syntax and pragmatics
This book offers a new contribution to the debate concerning the “real time acquisition” of grammar in First Language Acquisition Theory. It combines detailed and quantitative observations of objectExpand
Grammar and Pragmatics in the Acquisition of Article Systems
This paper provides an analysis of articles in two unrelated languages: St’át’imcets (Lillooet Salish) and English child language. The article systems in these two languages display strikingExpand
Object Scrambling and Specificity in Dutch Child Language
During the past decade, many investigators of child language have reported that in early grammar verbs often surface without finite morphology in root clauses (for example, Jordens (1990), WeverinkExpand
Pragmatics and SLI
GCS: A grammatical coding system for natural language data
GCS is a general-use grammatical coding system designed for research on the language of normal and language-impaired children or adults and is especially useful for studies in which a relatively large number of participants are involved. Expand
The vision and interpretation of paintings: bottom-up visual processes, top-down culturally informed attention, and aesthetic experience
Eye-tracking technology is used at Musée Unterlinden to record the vision of 52 participants looking at the Isenheim altarpiece before and after restoration to identify and classify the zones of visual salience as well as the effects of participants' backgrounds and emotions on fixation time and visual attention to different areas of interest. Expand
Aesthetic Relationship, Cognition, and the Pleasures of Art
The paper tries to clarify the relationship between aesthetic experience and artworks, as well as between cognition and the pleasures of art. Starting with an analytical distinction betweenExpand