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A kindred of 15 affected individuals in five generations is described with autosomal dominant inheritance of bilateral five-fingered hand. Some of them had additional pre-axial polydactyly of the fingers or toes and some had partial or complete absence of the tibia. The range of expression of the gene is variable and genetic advice to these families must(More)
Capillarity, fibre types, fibre cross-sectional areas and perimeters were studied along and across the rat tibialis anterior muscle. The muscle was sectioned at three different levels (proximal, equatorial and distal) choosing five sampling fields for measurements at each level (from anterior to posterior and lateral to medial zones). Significant(More)
The type of information (taxonomic or thematic) available at different levels of knowledge was investigated. Following extensive norming to identify taxonomic and thematic associates of low-frequency nouns, participants determined if taxonomic or thematic associates were meaningfully related to target words at three levels of knowledge: target words they(More)
Cefepime toxicity is characterized by altered mental status, confusion, and decreased responsiveness. We describe a 14-year-old girl who developed acute encephalopathy associated with supratherapeutic cefepime concentrations in the setting of acute renal failure. The authors were unable to identify any previous reports of this occurrence in a child.
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