Jeannette Huaman

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• We present the results from a litter translocation experiment along a 2800-m elevation gradient in Peruvian tropical forests. The understanding of the environmental factors controlling litter decomposition is important in the description of the carbon and nutrient cycles of tropical ecosystems, and in predicting their response to long-term increases in(More)
The effect of activating anions on the hydrolysis of ATP catalyzed by mitochondrial ATPase was higher on the oxidized than on the reduced form of the enzyme. On the contrary the effect of inhibitory anions on this reaction was more manifest on the reduced form of the enzyme. Kinetic data show that both activating and inhibitory anions compete for the same(More)
Interleukin 24 (IL-24) is an important pleiotropic immunoregulatory cytokine, whose gene is located in human chromosome 1q32-33. IL-24's signaling pathways have diverse biological functions related to cell differentiation, proliferation, development, apoptosis, and inflammation, placing it at the center of an active area of research. IL-24 is well known for(More)
A series of uncouplers and inhibitors of oxidative phosphorylation have been studied with regard to their effect on the hydrolytic activity of the reduced and oxidized forms of isolated or membrane-bound mitochondrial ATPase. Uncouplers (2,4-dinitrophenol, dicoumarol), which are also activators of the hydrolytic activity of ATPase, were more potent(More)
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