Jeannette Cohen

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OBJECTIVE To investigate a reported fall in sperm counts during 1940-90 in relation to the reduced lower reference value of "normal" during the same period by assuming the null hypothesis that no change had occurred in the probability distribution of the sperm concentration. DESIGN Analysis by using various mathematical models of the probability(More)
Delay in recognition of elder abuse and neglect may be especially problematic for the elder residing in relative isolation. Police and fire personnel may have a unique opportunity to identify vulnerable elders as they interact with them in the community. The present study was designed to evaluate first responders in northern Illinois to determine their(More)
The vasodilator prostaglandin E2 has been proposed as a mediator of erythema in a variety of cutaneous inflammatory reactions and prostacyclin levels have been found to be elevated in ultraviolet induced erythema. Human recombinant interleukin 1 alpha and lipopolysaccharide induced a concentration- and time-dependent release of prostaglandin E2, but not(More)
Data are presented demonstrating that the life expectancy (LE) of kibbutz members--both men and women--is higher than that of the overall Jewish population in Israel. Closer inspection of the death rates at various ages reveals that, from age thirty, those of kibbutz women are lower than those of the Jewish population. Although those of kibbutz men are(More)