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Citation graphs representing a body of scientific literature convey measures of scholarly activity and productivity. In this work we present a study of the structure of the citation graph of the computer science literature. Using a web robot we built several topic-specific citation graphs and their union graph from the digital library ResearchIndex. After(More)
We present a new stochastic model for complex networks, based on a spatial embedding of the nodes, called the Spatial Preferred Attachment (SPA) model. In the SPA model, nodes have influence regions of varying size, and new nodes may only link to a node if they fall within its influence region. The spatial embedding of the nodes models the background(More)
Several stochastic models were proposed recently to model the dynamic evolution of the web graph. We study the infinite limits of the stochastic processes proposed to model the web graph when time goes to infinity. We prove that determin-istic variations of the so-called copying model can lead to several nonisomorphic limits. Some models converge to the(More)
Bodies of information available through the Internet, such as digital libraries and distributed file-sharing systems, often form a self-organizing networked information space, i.e. a collection of interconnected information entities generated incrementally over time by a large number of agents. The collection of electronically available research papers in(More)
In this paper, we develop a general framework for studying distributed online frequency assignmentin cellular networks. The problem can be abstracted as a multicoloring problem on a node-weighted graph whose weights change over time. The graph, with nodes corresponding to network cells, is usually modeled as a subgraph of the triangular lattice and the(More)
The Dinitz conjecture states that, for each « and for every collection of «-element sets S,; , an « x n partial latin square can be found with the (i, j)Xh entry taken from S(J. The analogous statement for («-1) x « rectangles is proven here. The proof uses a recent result by Alon and Tarsi and is given in terms of even and odd orientations of graphs. I.(More)
People's email communications can be modeled as graphs with vertices representing email accounts and edges representing email communications. Email communication data usually comes in as continuous data stream. Event detection aims to identify abnormal email communications that serve as analogs of real-world events imposed upon the data stream. The goal is(More)
The copyright to the Contribution identified above is transferred to Springer-Verlag GmbH Berlin Heidelberg (hereinafter called Springer-Verlag). The copyright transfer covers the sole right to print, publish, distribute and sell throughout the world the said Contribution and parts thereof, including all revisions or versions and future editions thereof and(More)