Jeannette Barrett

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By quantifying phenology and duration of remigial moult in Surf Scoters (Melanitta perspicillata (L., 1758)) and White-winged Scoters (Melanitta fusca (L., 1758)), we tested whether timing of moult is dictated by temporal optima or constraints. Scoters (n = 3481) were captured during moult in Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington, and remigial emergence(More)
Objective: To characterize change from baseline weight over time for pregabalin and placebo administration. Methods: Asymptotic fraction of baseline weight was modeled with a nonmixture model and a mixture model as a function of baseline weight, exposure, time, covariate effects, and subject-specific random effects. Model fit was assessed using standard(More)
PURPOSE The provided output factors for Elekta Nucletron's skin applicators are based on Monte Carlo simulations. These outputs have not been independently verified, and there is no recognized method for output verification of the vendor's applicators. The purpose of this work is to validate the outputs provided by the vendor experimentally. METHODS Using(More)
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