Jeannean Carver

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S-Nitrosylated proteins form when a cysteine thiol reacts with nitric oxide (NO) in the presence of an electron acceptor to form an S-NO bond. Under physiological conditions, this posttranslational modification affects the function a wide array of cell proteins, ranging from ion channels to nuclear regulatory proteins. Recent evidence suggests that 1)(More)
Two Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell mutants selected for resistance to wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) have been shown to exhibit defective sialylation of membrane glycoproteins and a membrane glycolipid, GM3. The mutants (termed WgaRII and WgaRIII) have been previously shown to belong to different genetic complementation groups and to exhibit different(More)
MDW40, a wheat germ agglutinin-resistant (WGAr) mutant of the highly metastatic tumor cell line called MDAY-D2, is restricted to local growth at the subcutaneous site of inoculation. The WGAr tumor cells acquire metastatic ability by fusing spontaneously with a normal host cell followed by chromosome segregation, a process accompanied by reversion of the(More)
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