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Towards understanding the pathogenesis of HIV dementia, we molecularly cloned and sequenced human immundeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) gp160 genes from uncultured post-mortem tissues collected from a patient with HIV dementia. Sequences from bone marrow, lymph node, lung, and four regions of brain - the deep white matter, head of caudate, choroid plexus and(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteoporosis is a chronic and progressive condition that leads to decreased bone mass and skeletal fragility which may result in fractures, disability, pain, deformity and even death. Fractures of the wrist are the most common symptomatic fracture related to osteoporosis in which up to 80% of the persons with this fracture type have low bone(More)
A prospective clinical trial was performed to assess the suitability of a new type of sterilisable, user-friendly radiation protection glove. In a preliminary trial, we showed that the dominant hand of the primary operating orthopaedic surgeon receives the highest dose of radiation. During a 4-month period, 98 procedures were done requiring the use of an(More)
We evaluate the Geiss-Leclerc-Schröer ϕ-map for shape modules over the preprojective algebra Λ of type c A 1 in terms of matrix minors arising from the block-Toeplitz representation of the loop group SL 2 (L). Con-jecturally these minors are among the cluster variables for coordinate rings of unipotent cells within SL 2 (L). In so doing we compute the Euler(More)
Initiation of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is stressful, especially for inexperienced extracorporeal life support providers. The main objective of this study was to create a novel, reusable mannequin for high-fidelity simulation of ECMO initiation. We modified a Laerdal neonatal mannequin (SimNewB; Stavanger, Norway) so that it could be used(More)