Jeanne S Feuerstein

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The authors present a review of spinal cord blood supply, discussing the anatomy of the vascular system and physiological aspects of blood flow regulation in normal and injured spinal cords. Unique anatomical functional properties of vessels and blood supply determine the susceptibility of the spinal cord to damage, especially ischemia. Spinal cord injury(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the viability of psychometrically robust executive function measures as markers for premanifest Huntington's disease (HD). METHODS Fifteen premanifest HD subjects and 42 controls were compared on the NIH EXAMINER executive function battery. This battery yields an overall executive composite score, plus working memory, cognitive(More)
Homonymous hemianopia from stroke causes visual disability. Although some patients experience spontaneous improvement, others have limited to no change and may be left with a severe disability. Current rehabilitation strategies are compensatory and cannot restore function. Animal studies suggest that central nervous system plasticity could allow for(More)
238 J Neurosurg: Spine / Volume 15 / September 2011 Definitive management of SCI remains illusory, despite intense research efforts and the ongoing development of technology. Ischemia is recognized as one of the most important factors determining the severity of SCI and clinical outcome.66 The following review discusses the current understanding of the(More)
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