Jeanne Macfarland

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A survey has been performed of the mortality and morbidity of anterior lesser curve seromyotomy with posterior truncal vagotomy in the elective treatment of chronic duodenal ulcer. There was one death in a series of 605 patients due to a myocardial infarction, an operative mortality of 0.16 per cent. There was no case of ischaemic necrosis of the lesser(More)
Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)-infected African nonhuman primates do not progress to AIDS in spite of high and persistent viral loads (VLs). Some authors consider the high viral replication observed in chronic natural SIV infections to be due to lower anti-SIV antibody titers than those in rhesus macaques, suggesting a role of antibodies in controlling(More)
Simian immunodeficiency virus SIVrcm, which naturally infects red-capped mangabeys (RCMs), is the only SIV that uses CCR2 as its main coreceptor due to the high frequency of a CCR5 deletion in RCMs. We investigated the dynamics of SIVrcm infection to identify specific pathogenic mechanisms associated with this major difference in SIV biology. Four pigtailed(More)
We investigated the impact of rhesus macaque (RM) B-cell depletion before inoculation with the isolate SIVsmmD215. Seven RMs were treated every 3 weeks with 50 mg/kg of an anti-CD20 antibody (rituximab) starting 7 days before inoculation for 2 (n = 4) and 5 (n = 3) months. Four control animals received no antibody. Three animals were completely depleted of(More)
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