Jeanne M. Houston

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Using the National Institute of Standards and Technology high-accuracy cryogenic radiometer (HACR), we have realized a scale of absolute spectral response between 406 and 920 nm. The HACR, an electrical-substitution radiometer operating at cryogenic temperatures, achieves a combined relative standard uncertainty of 0.021%. Silicon photodiode light-trapping(More)
A high-accuracy cryogenic radiometer has been developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to serve as a primary standard for optical power measurements. This instrument is an electrical-substitution radiometer that can be operated at cryogenic temperatures to achieve a relative standard uncertainty of 0.021% at an optical power level of(More)
The construction of a small library of mouse repetitive DNA has been previously reported (Pietras et al., Nucleic Acids Res. 11:6965-6983, 1983). Here we report that the 35 plasmids in this library corresponding to highly repeated (greater than 30,000 copies per genome) dispersed DNA sequences can be grouped into no more than 5 distinct families. These(More)
Two cryogenic radiometers from NIST, one from the Optical Technology Division and the other from the Optoelectronics Division, were compared at three visible laser wavelengths. For this comparison, each radiometer calibrated two photodiode trap detectors for spectral responsivity. The calibration values for the two trap detectors agreed within the expanded(More)
Although there are numerous approaches to the treatment of spasticity, many patients are still unable to find a satisfactory method of managing their spasms with acceptable side effects. In the course of our fertility studies using rectal probe electrostimulation (RPES) in SCI men to produce ejaculation, we observed that a majority of the men experienced(More)
THIS is a preliminary report describing the storage of blood for transfusion, and comparing the results obtained in the first fifty cases transfused with those of fresh blood transfusions. Blood storage is a definite advance in blood transfusion therapy, the use of such blood having a number of advantages over fresh blood; notably the saving of time, and(More)
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is establishing an infrared detector calibration facility to improve radiometric standards at infrared wavelengths. The absolute response of the cryogenic bolometer that serves as the transfer standard for this facility is being linked to the NIST high- accuracy cryogenic radiometer (HACR) at a few(More)
  • Milinski, M Bakker, +18 authors S B Neural
  • 2005
was exposed to them in turn. A female was placed in the centre of the female compartment within a plastic bag for 5 min, then released and the number and duration of visits (approaches within one body length) to each male was recorded for 5 min (a common index of mate choice 25,26 , which correlates with mating probability in the goodeid Girardinichthys(More)
The Commonwealth of Virginia has established a comprehensive programme for the management of the spinal cord injury (SCI) patients from the moment of injury through all aspects of rehabilitation into long-term follow-up. An average of 200 new patients are registered per year. A major emphasis of our programme has been the education of the patients and their(More)