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Geography and Genealogy: Locating Personal Pasts
Contents: Locating personal pasts: an introduction, Jeanne Kay Guelke and Dallen J. Timothy Part I Tools, Sources, and Implications for Geography and Family History: The unfolding tale of using maps
Road‐kill on the information highway: repetitive strain injury in the academy
Introduction In an early interrogation of geographic information systems (GIS) in geography, Pickles (1993) and Sheppard (1993) criticised the positivist assumptions of most automated geographies.
Spatial Transgression and the BYU Jerusalem Center Controversy*
Abstract Dominant groups tend to construct the meaning of places to justify and sustain their ideology and orthodoxy in order to solidify power and to maintain their control over others. New outsider
Gender, Nature, Empire: Women Naturalists in Nineteenth Century British Travel Literature
Among the many British women abroad in the late nineteenth century were a number of travellers who toured the American West with a naturalist’s pen and sketchbook. California, with its giant sequoias
Strategies of Representation, Relationship, and Resistance: British WomenTravelers and Mormon Plural Wives, ca. 1870–1890
During the 1870s and 1880s, several British women writers traveled bytranscontinental railroad across the American West via Salt Lake City, Utah, the capital of the Church of Jesus Christ of
‘Nourishing The Soul’: Geography and Matters of Meaning
Religion and spirituality matter to geographers because they concern so many people. Most humans experience sufficient uncertainty at some point in their lives to ask the basic question of human