Jeanne E Knight

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PURPOSE To assess anomalous cortical organization of somatosensory function in a 23-year-old man who had had a neonatal infarct involving the left middle cerebral artery. MATERIALS AND METHODS The infarct destroyed the primary and secondary somatosensory areas of the subject's left hemisphere but caused only mild perturbation of somatosensation on the(More)
The behavior and event-related potentials (ERPs) of high functioning subjects with autism (Autism group) were contrasted with the results of normal controls (Control group) during a focused visual attention, a focused auditory attention and a visual/auditory divided attention task. Detecting targets by the Autism group in the cross-modal divided attention(More)
Cerebellum may be a common site of developmental abnormalities due to its protracted course of maturation. Recent studies have implicated morphological deviations of the cerebellum as responsible for specific behavioral and cognitive manifestations of autism. We investigated neuropsychology and quantitative MRI of the cerebellum in both high functioning(More)
We used magnetoencephalography to evaluate areas of sensory cortex in patients with ischemic strokes involving the somatomotor system. We measured somatosensory evoked magnetic fields using a 7-channel neuromagnetometer and estimated the location of cortical responses to median nerve stimulation in 5 patients with cortical or subcortical strokes involving(More)
All small mammalian hibernators periodically rewarm from torpor to high, euthermic body temperatures for brief intervals throughout the hibernating season. The functional significance of these arousal episodes is unknown, but one suggestion is that rewarming may be related to replacement of gene products lost during torpor due to degradation of mRNA. To(More)
OBJECTIVE An abnormally increased activation in anterior brain networks, accompanied by normal task performance, has been reported in studies on biological mechanisms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). We test a hypothesis, that this phenomenon, deemed specific to OCD, will be compromised by a very difficult task, which may lead to reduced cortical(More)
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