Jeanne Casares

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A nonreactive Lagrangian atmospheric diffusion model is used for the simulation of SO 2 concentration around the As Pontes 1400-MW power plant located in northwestern Spain. This diffusion model has two kinds of input: 1) diagnostic wind fields from real measurements and 2) forecast wind fields from a 24-h mesoscale prediction. This model-based system is(More)
STEM-II is an Eulerian air quality model which includes different pollutant emissions, transport by advection, convection and turbulence, with dynamic meteorological conditions; chemical transformation by gas-phase and aqueous-phase, and pollutants removal by dry and wet deposition, complete the main air pollution processes. This model is being applied to(More)
In September, 2011, a taskforce was charged with developing a set of recommendations for new approaches in learning methodologies and educational technologies that will add value to RIT's position in higher education. This taskforce facilitated interviews with RIT stakeholders, gathered input faculty, did benchmark research, and prepared a number of(More)
Tropospheric ozone levels around urban and suburban areas at Europe and North America had increased during 80's-90's, until the application of NO(x) reduction strategies. However, as it was expected, this ozone depletion was not proportional to the emissions reduction. On the other hand, rural ozone levels show different trends, with peaks reduction and(More)
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