Jeanne Bisch

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It was the aim of this study to delineate the areas along the right superior temporal sulcus (STS) for processing of faces, voices, and face-voice integration using established functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) localizers and to assess their structural connectivity profile with diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). We combined this approach with an(More)
This study examined identification of emotional information in facial expression, prosody, and their combination in 23 adult patients with combined attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) versus 31 healthy controls (HC) matched for gender, age, and education. We employed a stimulus set which was carefully balanced for valence as well as(More)
A case of myxoid liposarcoma of the left atrium in a 35-year old man is reported. The tumour, revealed by an atrial flutter, was excised. The patient died 13 months later, with multiple metastases. A review of the literature yielded only 7 cases of primary liposarcoma of the heart, including 4 which were surgically treated. This confirms the extreme rarity(More)
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