Jeanne-Armelle Alexandre

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After reviewing the available classifications for groin hernias, the European Hernia Society (EHS) proposes an easy and simple classification based on the Aachen classification. The EHS will promote the general and systematic use of this classification for intraoperative description of the type of hernia and to increase the comparison of results in the(More)
Between September 1990 and December 1993, 283 consecutive patients were admitted with clinical symptoms of acute appendicitis. These patients underwent primary laparoscopic approach so that an appendicectomy could be performed by this method. In 49 cases (17.3%), primary laparoscopic examination corrected the preoperative diagnosis and the appendix was left(More)
It is now widely established that systematic intraoperative location and diligent dissection of the recurrent inferior laryngeal nerve during thyroidectomy are the keystones to assure its anatomic and functional preservation. The possibility of abnormal routes, like a non-recurrent cervical course of the inferior laryngeal nerve is an additional major(More)
Complete and rapid cellular ingrowth is the necessary condition of an ideal parietal mesh. However, this property obtained with conventional meshes induces visceral adhesion formation in 80 to 100% of the cases when the mesh is intraperitoneally implanted. In order to combine both cellular ingrowth on one side and adhesion prevention on the other, a new(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined the analytical correlation N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP). DESIGN AND METHODS Electrochemiluminescence and fluorescence immunoassays were used to measure NT-proBNP and BNP levels, respectively. RESULTS The analytical correlation was satisfactory using the equation:(More)
In Central Africa, all of northern Zaire is very severely deficient in iodine. A peculiar feature of this endemia is that iodine deficiency and the ensuing thyroid gland stimulation not only leads to goitre formation but also to progressive thyroid involution and to myxoedematous cretinism. An iodine supplementation trial based on oral administration of(More)
Plasma immunoreactive glucagon, C-peptide and substrates (glucose, lactate, and alanine) were measured in 21 pancreatectomized patients and 28 patients with chronic calcifying pancreatitis during arginine infusion. Results were compared with those obtained in control and in insulin-dependent diabetic subjects, and in pancreatectomized subjects receiving a(More)
In this series of 15 personal cases, the authors emphasize the unusual colonic complications which occur during acute necrotizing pancreatitis. These lesions always indicate a particularly severe pancreatitis and depend on 2 factors: extension of pancreatic necrosis into the mesocolon with encasing pericolic tumoral fibrosis, and parietal ischemic necrosis(More)