Jeanne Adams

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the process and outcome of outpatient consultative geriatric assessment compared with traditional community care. DESIGN Randomized, controlled clinical trial, with 12-month follow-up. SETTING Four hospital-based ambulatory geriatric assessment clinics and community physicians' offices. PARTICIPANTS 442 recruited older adults(More)
More than 400 community-dwelling older adults were recruited into a clinical trial which compared the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment through geriatric assessment with that provided through usual community physician care. Six recruitment methods were utilized: referrals, solicitations, presentations, media, mailings, and fliers. Each method is(More)
In response to comments received from public review of the first draft proposed Fortran standard (X3J3/S8.104), a number of changes have been made and a revised draft proposed standard (X3J3/S8.112) has now been released for further public review. The following outline summarizes the technical changes that were made on the basis of the first review. A(More)
The design of Fortran 8x, the proposed successor to Fortran 77, is nearing completion. Among the features that Fortran 8x contains for the scientific programmer are: a comprehensive array processing language, greater control of REAL and COMPLEX numeric precision, flexible data structuring, and a module facility for providing arbitrary configuraeions of data(More)
The design of Fortran 8x, the proposed successor to Fortran 77, is nearing completion. This session is intended to address questions on the emerging language, generate discussion, and provide input for the final phase of Fortran 8x definition. Each panel member is an expert on the current status of the language, and will make an informative, amusing,(More)
The field of computing has grown considerably in recent years and the tasks performed on computers encompass more and more variety in scientific, industrial and business applications. The programming task itself must be defined in very broad terms if one is to cover all the activities performed in all areas where computers are used today. In his paper, Mr.(More)
We certainly need to talk about problems associated with the role of the operator in large scale, complex computer environments. The specialized role of <underline>operator</underline> has emerged as other roles have become similarly specialized in response to the increasing scale and complexity of computers themselves as well as the range and complexity of(More)