Jeanine Van Herrewege

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Natural populations from France, several countries around the Mediterranean sea, tropical Africa and South Africa were investigated for ethanol tolerance and allelic frequencies at the Adh locus. Both traits exhibited a clinal pattern, i.e. an increase of tolerance and of the frequency of the Adh-F allele with latitude. Larvae exhibited variations in(More)
Three natural populations of D. melanogaster with different ethanol tolerance, and a population of D. simulans were successfully selected for an increased capacity to withstand alcohol. Alcohol utilisation, measured by the increase of life duration in the presence of low concentrations of alcohol, was clearly improved only in two cases. Alcohol tolerance(More)
Given alone to Drosophila adults, casein is almost not used because it is not ingested. L arabinose, which is a powerful phagostimulant allows a convenient utilisation of casein, resulting in an increase of life duration and egg production. The utilisation is still improved when a small amount of alcohol is added. Ethanol acts both as an energy source and(More)