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Transfer of conceptualization patterns in bilinguals: The construal of motion events in Turkish and German*
In the present article we provide evidence for the occurrence of transfer of conceptualization patterns in narratives of two German–Turkish bilingual groups. All bilingual participants grew up inExpand
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Thinking and speaking in two languages
This edited volume on thinking and speaking in two languages provides a state-ofthe-art survey of research on the differences between monolinguals and bilinguals in colour perception, categorisation,Expand
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How different code-switching types modulate bilinguals’ executive functions - a dual control mode perspective
Most existing studies on the relationship between code-switching and executive functions have focused on experimentally induced language-switching, which differs fundamentally from naturalisticExpand
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Guest Editorial
Following the call for papers for a special issue of the Language Learning Journal on vocabulary, it was very pleasing to receive a large number of submissions, not just from Britain, but from acrossExpand
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Book Review
An Introduction to Contact Linguistics. Donald Winford. Oxford: Blackwell, 2003. Pp. xviii+416. ISBN0-631-21250-7 (hbk): £55.00. ISBN 0-631-21251-5 (pbk):£17.99.
Measuring reading and vocabulary with the Test for English Majors Band 4: a concurrent validity study
The aim of the study was to investigate to what extent the vocabulary and reading components of the Test for English Majors Band 4 (TEM-4) do indeed measure the constructs they are supposed toExpand