Jeanine Marshall

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Barcroft, Peterson, and Schwab (1952) and more recently Constas (1962) have shown that an intravenous infusion of adrenaline aggravates the tremor of patients with Parkinsonism. This observation raises two interesting questions. First, what are the effects on tremor of other drugs which act upon the autonomic nervous system? An answer to this question might(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the need for significant clinical intervention owing to the psychiatric manifestations of Huntington disease (HD), there has been a paucity of studies specifically designed to evaluate these symptoms prior to disease diagnosis. OBJECTIVES To investigate whether the Symptom Checklist 90-Revised (SCL-90-R) and the Center for(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine rates of decline in individuals at risk for Huntington disease (HD). METHODS 106 individuals at risk for HD completed a battery of neurocognitive, psychomotor and oculomotor tasks at two visits, approximately 2.5 years apart. Participants were classified as: (1) without the CAG expansion (normal controls, NC; n=68) or (2) with the CAG(More)
The ingestion by normal subjects of 3 g of sodium iopodate, which is widely used in routine oral cholecystography, resulted in significant decreases of serum total and free T3 to a nadir on day 4 which averaged 43% and 40%, respectively, below initial mean values. Total and free rT3 increased markedly to a peak on day 3, 244% and 189%, respectively, above(More)