Jeanette P. Schmidt

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Chernoff-Hoeffding bounds are fundamental tools used in bounding the tail probabilities of the sums of bounded and independent random variables. We present a simple technique which gives slightly better bounds than these, and which more importantly requires only limited independence among the random variables, thereby importing a variety of standard results(More)
Jeanette Schmidt~ R. N. Uma$ Joel Wein~ We consider the problem of scheduling a parallel loop with independent iterations on a network of heterogeneous workstations, and demonstrate the effectiveness of a variant of fa.toring, a scheduling policy originating in the context of shared address-space homogeneous multiprocessors. In the new scheme, weighted(More)
The problem of comparing two sequences A and B to determine their longest common subsequence (LCS) or the edit distance between them has been much studied. In this paper we consider the following incremental version of these problems: given an appropriate encoding of a comparison between A and B, can one incrementally compute the answer for A and bB, and(More)
This paper gives the first optimal bounds for classical closed hashing schemes in the case of limited randomness. We thereby establish the first proof of optimality for hashing arbitrarily selected data, by virtually any classical closed scheme, with hash functions that are programmable and initialized by a small number of random bits. Let D = (xl , x 2 , .(More)
We present a computational method that predicts a pathway of residues that mediate protein allosteric communication. The pathway is predicted using only a combination of distance constraints between contiguous residues and evolutionary data. We applied this analysis to find pathways of conserved residues connecting the myosin ATP binding site to the lever(More)