Jeanette McLaren

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Sorghum is a major cereal crop in the USA. However, sorghum has been underutilized as a renewable feedstock for bioenergy. The goal of this research was to improve the bioconversion efficiency for biofuels and biobased products from processed sorghum. The main focus was to understand the relationship among “genetics–structure–function–conversion” and the(More)
BACKGROUND The Remote Vocational Training Scheme trains doctors in remote communities using distance education and supervision. AIMS To document the training location, outcomes of training, current location and services provided by program graduates and assess the effectiveness of their training. RESULTS Twenty-four doctors graduated from the Remote(More)
1. Human renal proximal tubular cells (HPTC) were isolated by collagenase digestion and purified following filtration and isopycnic Percoll density centrifugation. This method used cortical tissue obtained from surgical nephrectomies and was both rapid and simple, providing a preparation of cells with high viability (> 93 +/- 3%) and recovery (16 +/- 7 x(More)
Ornithine carbamoyltransferase (EC activity in human liver homogenates has been measured using 14C-labeled ornithine and unlabeled carbamoyl phosphate. A thin-layer chromatographic (TLC) procedure is used to separate the radioactive substrate and product, ornithine and citrulline, respectively, and the regions of the chromatogram corresponding to(More)
The proliferation and hypertrophy of renal tubular cells are primary features in the progression of both acute and chronic renal disease often indicating a poor prognosis. Angiotensin II (ANG II), acting alone or in combination with other growth factors, has been implicated in this process. The aims of this study were to identify the importance of both ANG(More)
Serotype 5 coxsackie B virus (CBV5) can establish in vitro persistent infections in human rhabdomyosarcoma (RD) cells. This paper describes the characterisation of the virus released from the persistently infected RD cell line designated piRD-3673. Although infectious virus was released for 42 sequential passages of piRD-3673 cells, no gross virus-specific(More)
The uptake of leucine into isolated, intact, pea chloroplasts was investigated using the silicone oil centrifugation technique. The internal: external ratio of leucine exceeded unity at low external leucine concentrations. Uptake of leucine at different external concentrations showed passive diffusion and carrier-mediated transport components. Competition(More)
Source scaling relations have been obtained for earthquakes in eastern North America and other co'ntinental interiors, and compared with a relation obtained for earthquakes in western North America. The scaling relation for eastern North American earthquakes was constructed from measurements of seismic moment and source duration obtained by the waveform(More)