Jeanette M. Reyes

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Knowledge of particulate matter concentrations <2.5 μm in diameter (PM2.5) across the United States is limited due to sparse monitoring across space and time. Epidemiological studies need accurate exposure estimates in order to properly investigate potential morbidity and mortality. Previous works have used geostatistics and land use regression (LUR)(More)
This paper presents the simulation and validation of the algorithm that determines the transit time of the acoustic wave in an ultrasonic flow meter using air. The work is based on &#x0022;Heimholte Integral Ray Trace Method&#x0022; for the simulation of the wave propagation between two transducers. The validations were performed comparing the simulation(More)
The present paper contains a review of the most relevant works involving modeling and simulation of transit-time ultrasonic meters. This document is based on papers extracted from data bases, specialized websites, university portals and some printed documents. From the review, the phenomena that have attracted more attention in modeling and simulation of(More)
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