Jeanette Gustat

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In this study, the authors examined body image perception and body mass index (weight (kg)/height (m)(2)) among race-gender groups in a biracial (Black-White) population of young adults in Bogalusa, Louisiana. A mail-out survey was completed in 1994 by 3,698 (65%) participants aged 18.5-35 years in the Bogalusa Heart Study (mean age = 27.6 years). As part(More)
This study evaluated Pap screening and human papillomavirus (HPV) knowledge in a population of Colombian women as a possible contributing factor of low cervical cancer screening success. This is a descriptive, cross-sectional analysis of 454 women who were approached in five different hospitals and clinics throughout Medellín, Colombia. Of them, 449 females(More)
BACKGROUND The beta2-adrenergic receptor (ADRB2) plays a major role in regulating energy expenditure by stimulating lipid metabolism in human adipose tissue. Polymorphisms in the ADRB2 gene have been associated with obesity and various weight-related traits in cross-sectional studies of adults, but little is known about the effects of the ADRB2 gene on(More)
The feasibility of working with neighborhood corner stores to increase the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables in low-income neighborhoods in New Orleans was assessed. Household interviews and 24-hour dietary recalls (n = 97), corner store customer intercept interviews (n = 60) and interviews with corner store operators (owners/managers) (n = 12)(More)
The relation of self-rated measures of physical activity to multiple risk factors of insulin resistance syndrome (IRS) was examined in African American (n = 409) and white (n = 1,011) young adults aged 20 to 38 years enrolled in the Bogalusa Heart Study. Physical activity was assessed in terms of work activity, leisure-time activity, television watching,(More)
Obesity and fat patterns are important predictors of coronary heart disease risk. The relations of abdominal height (sagittal diameter) and various obesity measures to coronary heart disease risk factors were examined in a community-based sample of 409 Blacks and 1,011 Whites aged 20-38 years in Bogalusa, Louisiana (1995-1996). Obesity measures used(More)
BACKGROUND Parks have been proposed as a feature of the built environment that may promote increased physical activity. Little, if any, research has investigated the role of the park social environment in promoting physical activity within parks, however. PURPOSE To examine whether social capital is a collective feature of the park environment and whether(More)
Few epidemiologic studies have examined the association between depressive symptoms and atherosclerosis in subjects aged > or =65 years. Most of these studies were cross sectional and could not determine the temporality between depressive symptoms and the development of abnormal common carotid artery (CCA) intima-media thickness (CCA-IMT). To investigate(More)
BACKGROUND The study's purpose is to describe the development and evaluate the reliability (inter-observer agreement) and validity (rater agreement with a gold standard) of a direct observation instrument to assess park characteristics that may be related to physical activity. METHODS A direct observation instrument of 181 items was developed based on a(More)
BACKGROUND Neighborhood parks play an important role in promoting physical activity. We examined the effect of activity area, condition, and presence of supporting features on number of park users and park-based physical activity levels. METHODS 37 parks and 154 activity areas within parks were assessed during summer 2008 for their features and park-based(More)