Jeanette C. Opsahl

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It has been shown that either adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) or the 11-oxygenated adrenal cortical steroids inhibit the hyaluronidaseenhanced spreading phenomenon in the rabbit and in the mouse.q 8 In view of the favorable influence of pregnancy on certain of the collagen diseases, it was of interest to determine whether chorionic gonadotrophin had any(More)
Studies from the laboratory have revealed the presence of ACTH activity in extracts of pregnancy urine which had been heat-treated to destroy gonadotrophic activity.7 These observations led to the investigation of placental extracts to ascertain whether the source of the ACTH activity was the placenta rather than the pituitary gland. Certain of the results(More)
As stated elsewhere,2 among the many factors that condition the permeability of the ground substance of the mesenchyme, hormones are very important. The present study was undertaken with the view of ascertaining whether hormones from the adrenal cortex were also active in this respect. Menkin7 had already observed that extracts of the adrenal cortex mixed(More)
It has been reported previously that the dermal spread of India ink with hyaluronidase is markedly influenced by the hormones of the adrenal cortex.'6' Removal of the adrenals resulted in an enhancement of the spreading reaction, while the administration of a potent extract of the adrenal cortex either in the adrenalectomized or normal animal inhibited(More)
A few of us can still recall the shocked expression that filled the faces of our instructors when Charles V. Chapin, in his curt and incisive terms, reported the somewhat conflicting views of his more ponderous predecessor, George M. Steinberg, to the effect that a definite and fixed host-parasite relationship does not always exist. Chapin expressed belief(More)
During the past several years, an investigation has been made of the relationships between various hormones of the adrenal cortex, the enzyme hyaluronidase, and its substrate hyaluronic acid, with specific reference to tissue permeability and collagen diseases. As the studies progressed, several problems were investigated: (i) which fractions of the adrenal(More)