Jeanette A Palcher

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OBJECTIVE Depression is a major barrier to effective pain relief. The SF-36 Health Survey may be useful as an outcome measure for chronic pain patients with and without depression. The study purpose was to determine the correlation between the SF-36 Mental Composite Scale t-score and depression type in chronic pain patients and the positive predictive value(More)
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are widely used in the management of congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension (HTN). Use of these agents is reported to cause anemia. We examined the association between standard care use of ACEI or ARB and subsequent change in hemoglobin(More)
The overall study was designed to examine how vacation behavior affects rural and urban Minnesotans and North Dakotans. The purpose of this substudy was to describe the method for sampling, follow-up and response rate by gender and urban/rural location to help inform future studies in this population. Essentia health primary care patients (n = 1344) were(More)
PURPOSE Better prognostic instruments are sorely needed for patients near the end of life. Health-related quality of life instruments designed for hospice patients have not been previously studied for their prognostic properties. This study evaluated the prognostic property of the Missoula-Vitas Quality of Life Index (MVQOLI) with hospice patients. (More)
OBJECTIVE Assessing test performance validity is a standard clinical practice and although studies have examined the utility of cognitive/memory measures, few have examined attention measures as indicators of performance validity beyond the Reliable Digit Span. The current study further investigates the classification probability of embedded Performance(More)
The purpose of this study was to document health behaviors (diet, physical activity, cigarette smoking) in working-aged adults with identified primary care providers. We surveyed 1,344 adults in Minnesota and North Dakota 25 to 64 years of age from Essentia Health primary care patient lists in May of 2012. A 21-page, self-administered questionnaire asking(More)
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