Jean-pierre Tricot

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Pierre Belon was born in Le Mans in 1517. After he had worked as apothecary assistant and he had studied botany, he was chosen to join in the embassy sent by French King François I to the Turkish Sultan in 1546. From 1553 he wrote his impressions upon his tour "Comments upon different peculiarities and memorable things". In Stamboul he dawdled around the(More)
During the last quarter of the century, Sournia took an active part in the life of the International Society for History of Medicine as he introduced English as a second official language and he modernised some procedures. In 1982 he organized an international congress in Paris about two themes close to his heart: the history of public health and of(More)
Claude Louis Sommé was born in Paris in 1772. After surgical studies between 1790 and 1792, he successfully embraced a military career in the armies of Napoleon at different fronts and in several hospitals. In 1806 he submitted his doctoral thesis at the Special Medical School of Strasburg, Dissertation upon Pain. The same year he presented his dismissal(More)
Professor J. P. Tricot as President of the International Society for the History of Medicine displayed the significant relationship between both Societies. He conjured up his grand-father's role, Professor J. J. Tricot-Royer, who founded the International Society of Medicine and he dealt with the creation of the Congresses by the International Society and(More)
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