Jean-michel Robert

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The 18S ribosomal DNA molecular phylogeny and lipid composition of over 120 marine diatoms showed that the capability to biosynthesize highly branched isoprenoid (HBI) alkenes is restricted to two specific phylogenetic clusters, which independently evolved in centric and pennate diatoms. The molecular record of C25 HBI chemical fossils in a large suite of(More)
Mating was used in the rabbit as a physiological trigger, easily definable in time, for the activation of gonadotropic hypothalamic structures. Using the histochemical fluorescence technique of Falck and Hillarp, it has been attempted to determine whether, in relation to mating, clearly distinuishable and reproducible changes in histofluorescence occur in(More)
Although the overall mortality of patients admitted to intensive care units (ICU) with hematological malignancy has decreased over the years, some groups of patients still have low survival rates. We performed a monocentric retrospective study including all patients with hematological malignancy in a ten-year period, to identify factors related to the(More)
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