Jean diPasquale

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The purpose of this study was to compare kinematic gait parameters measured with an instrumented walkway system (GAITRite(R)) and a video-based system (peak performance motus 3.1(R)). Subjects walked across a GAITRite mat with embedded pressure sensors. Reflective markers were attached to subjects' shoes and video capture was simultaneously performed during(More)
Galvanic stimulation produces a postural sway and eye movements in humans. Since galvanic currents are thought to exert their effect at the trigger zone of the vestibular nerve, an intact vestibular nerve should be necessary to produce a response. We have used galvanic stimulation in humans to test the hypothesis that intact vestibular nerve fibers are(More)
1 ABSTRACT This thesis reports and evaluates work done with a group of 6-10 residents of East Cambridge. The group was the Task Force on the NASA Site of the East Cambridge Neighborhood Planning Team. The group investigated the proposed development of Kendall Square and produced an alternate program and site plan for the Kendall Square Urban Renewal Area, a(More)
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