Jean-Yves Siriez

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We report on 4 patients (1 immunocompetent, 3 immunosuppressed) in whom visceral leishmaniasis had become unresponsive to (or had relapsed after) treatment with appropriate doses of liposomal amphotericin B. Under close follow-up, full courses of pentavalent antimony were administered without life-threatening adverse events and resulted in rapid and(More)
Background Malaria infection among child travellers need special attention as it rarely occurs in non endemic countries. Most studies dealt with risks in the paediatric population, but there is a need to justify age class choices and its direct implication of analysis for severity risk factors. In this study we demonstrated that analysing the multi(More)
Case Description This case report concerns a male child born in 2002 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. His parents had been positive for T. cruzi since 1999 and had never been treated until they moved to France with their children in 2004. The boy has two sisters, both negative for Chagas disease. In March 2009, after a confirmation of the diagnosis of Chagas disease(More)
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