Jean-Yves Pivan

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Quantum chemical calculations have been carried out to get some insight concerning the effects of temperature and solvent acidity on the structure and stability of solvated VO2+ as the elementary chemical unit involved in the nucleation of vanadophosphates. First, because some recent theoretical studies have suggested a tendency of density functional theory(More)
Two new hybrid organic/inorganic copper oxovanadium diphosphonates [Cu2(phen)2(O3PCH2PO3)(V2O5)(H2O)] x H2O (1) and [(Cu2(phen)2(O3P(CH2)3PO3)(V2O5)] x C3H8 (2) have been obtained by hydrothermal synthesis. The compounds are monoclinic, and they crystallize in the space group P2(1)/n with cell parameters of a = 11.788(2) A, b = 17.887(3) A, c = 14.158(2) A,(More)
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