Jean-Yves Guyomarc'h

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The identification of occurrences of design patterns in programs can help maintainers to understand the program design and implementation. It can also help them to make informed changes. Current identification approaches are limited to complete occurrences, are time- and resource-consuming, and lead to many false positives. We propose to combine a(More)
In Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) sexual development may occur in total darkness (DD). Linked to sexual maturation, variations of the rhythm of feeding activity were observed: in DD, the amount of activity increased and the period of the free-running rhythm lengthened. During the first weeks in DD all the quails presented a free-running period(More)
Castrated male Japanese quail were reared in total darkness for 7 months. In order to mimic changes in concentration of plasma testosterone during sexual development, the birds were implanted on three occasions with increasing numbers of testosterone-filled capsules. The feeding activity of each bird was recorded and concentrations of plasma testosterone(More)
Newly hatched domestic chicks learned to prefer the object bearing the same visual characteristics as the environment associated to the initially preferred clucking sound. Domestic chicks chose after prenatal exposure between two different clucking sounds by running towards one loudspeaker and settling there. Then all chicks were individually exposed to two(More)
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