Jean-Yves Fourniols

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OBJECTIVE Extensive efforts have been made in both academia and industry in the research and development of smart wearable systems (SWS) for health monitoring (HM). Primarily influenced by skyrocketing healthcare costs and supported by recent technological advances in micro- and nanotechnologies, miniaturisation of sensors, and smart fabrics, the continuous(More)
In an ageing world, maintaining good health and independence for as long as possible is essential. Instead of hospitalization or institutionalization, the elderly and disabled can be assisted in their own environment 24h a day with numerous 'smart' devices. The concept of the smart home is a promising and cost-effective way of improving home care for the(More)
In this work, we present the implementation in a reconfigurable architecture of a dense stereo vision algorithm based on census transform. Analyzing census transform algorithm we found that size and access memory could be reduced, which consequently also reduced the latency time. Furthermore, architecture resources are optimized and efficient thanks to(More)
The work reported on this paper describes a new methodology implementation for active structural health monitoring of recent aircraft parts made from carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. This diagnosis is based on a new embedded method that is capable of measuring the local high frequency impedance spectrum of the structure through the calculation of the(More)
This paper describes an architecture dedicated to the realtime processing of census correlation in the context of the realization of passive stereovision sensors. Although DSP circuits have dramatically increased their performances in terms of frequency (about 600 MHz today), DSP cores (several Multipliers Accumulators) and pipelines (Super Harvard(More)
This article presents a reconfigurable architecture to calculate a dense disparity map of two stereo images based on census transform. This architecture is simplified and efficient as a result of binary operations and integer arithmetic used by census transform. Our architecture was prototyped using GAUT which is a practical tool to develop high-level(More)