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Disclaimer This report represents the views of the authors and does not necessarily represent the views of the Diagnostic Services Committee. Acknowledgments The authors wish to acknowledge the support of the Diagnostic Services Committee (a three-party committee of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Ontario Medical Association and the(More)
The urgency for action to enhance human resources for health internationally was recently highlighted by the World Health Report 2006: Working Together for Health which revealed an estimated worldwide shortage of almost 4.3 million doctors, midwives, nurses and support workers. 1 The 59th World Health Assembly recognized this crisis and adopted a resolution(More)
The numbers of migrating health workers have increased significantly over the past few decades and patterns of global migration have become more complex as increasing demand for health workers in the world's wealthiest countries has resulted in large numbers of health workers migrating from lower-income countries to work in higher-income countries. 1 Health(More)
Labour Office welcomes such applications. Requests for permission to reproduce or translate WHO publications whether for sale or for non-commercial distribution should be addressed to Marketing and Dissemination, at the above address (fax: +41 22 791 4806; email: permissions@who.int). Libraries, institutions and other users registered in the United Kingdom(More)
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