Jean-Vincent Loddo

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We introduce a semantics of Logic Programming based on classical Game Theory, which is proven to be sound and complete w.r.t. traditional semantics like the minimum Herbrand model and the s-semantics. This AND compositional game semantics allows a very simple characterization of the solution set of a logic program in term of approximations of the value of(More)
A virtual network laboratory -allowing to emulate a physical network of computers and network devices such as switches or routers <i>in software</i>- represents a valuable tool for students, and may also be useful to researchers and system administrators. A tool of this kind, particularly if it aims at being usable by inexperienced students, should offer(More)
In this paper, we present Marionnet, a virtual network laboratory, and how it can be used in distance education (MOOC, SPOC and eLearning classes) to implement practical activities in network classes that should normally require students to have access to specific hardware. Marionnet provides virtual network equipment such as routers, switches, computers(More)
We present tropical games, a generalization of combinatorial min-max games based on tropical algebras. Our model breaks the traditional symmetry of rational zero-sum games where players have exactly opposed goals (min vs. max), is more widely applicable than min-max and also supports a form of pruning, despite it being less effective than &#945;-&#946;.(More)
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