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There are many techniques that reconstruct continuous 3D surfaces from scattered point data coming from laser range scanners. One of the most commonly used representations are Point Set Surfaces (PSS) defined as the set of stationary points of a Moving Least Squares (MLS) projection operator. One interesting property of the MLS projection is to(More)
We present a new efficient implicit surface reconstruction technique from unorganized point sets that allows to integrate sharp edges by simply specifying the implicit equation of a half-space that cuts the sharp edge, i.e. where the derivative of the defining function of the implicit surface is discontinuous. As the underlying surface descriptor, we use(More)
This paper presents a new method to simulate problems with moving interfaces. We use a mesh-less method where the approximation functions can reproduce discontinuities in the field derivatives. The position of the discontinuity is defined independent of the nodes that define the approximation. We apply our method to the propagation of a melting boundary.
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