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The effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide on corn, soybeans, loblolly pine, and sweetgum were studied in the field during a growing season. The plants were exposed to a range of concentrations of carbon dioxide day and night in open-topped, flow-through chambers. At a mean daytime carbon dioxide concentration of 910 parts per million, increases in total(More)
  • C S Daw, C E A Finney, J B Green, M B Kennel, J F Thomas, F T Connolly
  • 1999
We propose a simple, physically oriented model that explains important characteristics of cyclic combustion variations in spark-ignited engines. A key model feature is the interaction between stochastic, small-scale fluctuations in engine parameters and nonlinear deterministic coupling between successive engine cycles. Prior-cycle effects are produced by(More)
This paper presents the State Partition based Mixed Logical Dynamical (SPMLD) formalism as a new modeling technique for a class of discrete-time hybrid systems, where the system is defined by different modes with continuous and logical control inputs and state variables, each model subject to linear constraints. The reformulation of the predictive strategy(More)
Documentation is lacking regarding the ability of congenitally deaf children to attain age-appropriate spoken language skills using a cochlear implant, and how early implantation must occur if such development is to be possible. Spoken language data are presented for infants who underwent implantation at 18 months of age or younger. Additional data are used(More)
  • J B Andriulli, A E Gates, H D Haynes, L B Klett, S N Matthews, E A Nawrocki +7 others
  • 1999
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Complete deafness can follow acoustic tumor surgery and results from labyrinthine injury, auditory nerve trauma, and/or vascular compromise. A central auditory prosthesis is one potential rehabilitative strategy in such patients. Anatomical studies suggest that some spiral ganglion cells may survive after vascular occlusion, and we have demonstrated(More)
  • J B Andriulli, M B Scudiere, C P White, G Farquaharson, T J Theiss, S N Matthews +19 others
  • 2002
Reports produced before January 1, 1996, may be purchased by members of the public from the following source: This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States government. Neither the United States government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any(More)
Direct torque control is considered as one of the most efficient techniques for speed and/or position tracking control of induction motor drives. However, this control scheme has several drawbacks: the switching frequency may exceed the maximum allowable switching frequency of the inverters, and the ripples in current and torque, especially at low speed(More)