Jean Taboury

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Système pour l'Observation de la Terre images are used to map ground displacements induced by earthquakes. Deformations (offsets) induced by stereoscopic effect and roll, pitch, and yaw of satellite and detector artifacts are estimated and compensated. Images are then resampled in a cartographic projection with a low-bias interpolator. A subpixel correlator(More)
We describe a procedure to compute SAR interferograms based on the compensation of the images' misregistrations due to the ground deformation and on a specific adaptive filtering to improve the SNR in the measurement where displacement gradients are large. Applied to the Landers earthquake case, the registration reduces the phase noise by 20" (rms) near the(More)
' ERS SAR amplitude images are utilized to map ground displacements from a sub-pixel correlation method. It yields a _ground two-dimensional displacement field with independent measurements about every 128m in azimuth · and 250m in range. The accuracy depends on the characteristics of tbe images. For the Landers test case, the 1-cr uncertainty is 0 .8m in(More)
The secondary structures of double-stranded poly[d(A-T)].poly[d(A-T)] in films have been studied by IR spectroscopy with three different counterions (Na+, Cs+, and Ni2+) and a wide variety of water content conditions (relative humidity between 100 and 47%). In addition to the A-, B-, C-, and D-form spectra, a new IR spectrum has been obtained in the(More)
The secondary structures of poly(dG-dC).poly(dG-dC) in the presence of alcaline , alcaline earth and first row transition metal ions (Na+, Mg2+, Co2+, Ni2+) are investigated by infrared spectroscopy. The conformational transitions are studied as a function of the hydration of the polynucleotide and counter-ion nature and content. The use of selectively(More)
We present an original and compact optical system inspired by the unusual eyes of a Strepsipteran insect called Xenos peckii. It is designed for a field of view of 30 degrees and is composed of multiple telescopes. An array of prisms of various angles is placed in front of these telescopes in order to set a different field of view for each channel. This(More)
We present a new method to measure the modulation transfer function (MTF) beyond the Nyquist frequency of a multichannel imaging system for which all the channels have parallel optical axes. Such a multichannel optical system produces a set of undersampled subimages. If the subimages contain nonredundant information, high spatial frequencies are folded(More)
Tolerance in angles of continuously self-imaging gratings (CSIGs) is explored. The degradation in angle of the shape of the point-spread function is theoretically investigated and illustrated by simulations and experiments. The formalism presented is inspired by the one used for classical lenses and can be easily generalized to diffraction gratings. It(More)
Stationary Fourier transform spectrometry is an interesting concept for building reliable field or embedded spectroradiometers, especially for the mid- and far- IR. Here, a very compact configuration of a cryogenic stationary Fourier transform IR (FTIR) spectrometer is investigated, where the interferometer is directly integrated in the focal plane array(More)