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Producing a jazz album. An insider’s perspective on Sarah Thorpe’s Never Leave Me, Songs of Love and Longing
Sarah Thorpe’s Never Leave Me, Songs of Love and Longing is a great album. I know because I helped produce it. You might wonder how one goes about producing a jazz singer’s first album. Paradoxically
Why should the English always be standing, sitting or walking? Traduire la posture en français
L’etude des traductions en francais des verbes de position anglais montre la systematicite des effacements et des modulations de l’opposition sens / reference ainsi de facteurs stylistiques reveles par la traduction comme acces au sens.
Les interrogatives en anglais oral spontané: intonation et énonciation
We examine questions in a corpus consisting of excerpts from genuine conversations and interviews recorded among English native speakers. More specifically, we describe how intonation is involved in
You can't be serious !
George Gershwin's music is not confined to one universe. Its background hints at European sources, while Gershwin's achievement is clearly rooted in the American aesthetic world. Thus, the 'serious'
Fascinating Rhythm : Traduire le substrat musical dans Another Country de James Baldwin
Le roman de Baldwin Another Country met en jeu le rythme de maniere cruciale puisque le texte annonce sa dimension musicale par sa thematique, ses personnages et les declarations de l’auteur. Ce