Jean-Stéphane Pic

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A hybrid process combining adsorption and ozonation was examined as an alternative treatment for odorous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) was chosen to study the influence of operating parameters. Two synthetic aluminosilicates (faujasite-Y and ZSM-5) were tested for adsorption and reactivity with ozone. The adsorption(More)
Sanitation improvement in developing countries could be achieved through wastewater treatment processes. Nowadays alternative concepts such as urine separate collection are being developed. These processes would be an efficient way to reduce pollution of wastewater while recovering nutrients, especially phosphorus, which are lost in current wastewater(More)
C-reactive protein, synthesized by the liver, belongs to the group of proteins in the acute stage of inflammation. It has a very short half life of 6 to 8 hours with rapid evolution kinetics. The CRP level has been measured 959 times by the immuno-turbidimetric method in 500 in-patients of the Gynaecology Department of Claude Bernard Hospital. It was(More)
In this work, chemical interactions between ozone and zeolite surface active sites are studied in order to propose a process for gaseous ozone removal. Synthetic ZSM-5 zeolites with three different Si/Al2 ratios and similar specific surface areas and microporous volumes were used in this study. Zeolite samples were characterised using Fourier Transform(More)
A rapid and accurate ion chromatography (IC) method (limit of detection as low as 0.06 mg L(-1)) for fosfomycin concentration determination in pharmaceutical industrial wastewater was developed. This method was compared with the performance of high performance liquid chromatography determination (with a high detection limit of 96.0 mg L(-1)) and ultraviolet(More)
The adsorption of toluene (TOL) as a target volatile organic compound has been studied experimentally and modelled on various hydrophobic zeolites: Faujasite (FAU), ZSM-5 (Z) and Mordenite (MOR). The influence of the nature of the compensating cation (H+ or Na+) has also been investigated for ZSM-5 zeolite, which is known to possess three kinds of(More)
The Fered-Fenton process using Ti sheet as cathode and RuO2/Ti as anode was employed for the pretreatment of dry-spun acrylic fiber manufacturing wastewater. The effects of feeding mode and concentration of H2O2 on chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency as well as the biodegradability variation during the Fered-Fenton process were investigated. The(More)
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a hereditary dysplasia of connective tissue with an abnormality in collagen synthesis. The syndrome consists of increased elasticity and fragility of the skin, increased laxity of the ligaments of the joints and fragility of the blood vessels. It is rarely associated with pregnancy but when it is several problems arise which are(More)
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