Jean Stéphane Delmotte

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The development of new semilong enteroscopes, videopush enteroscope (VPE), has modified the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to inflammatory intestinal diseases owing to the biopsy and therapeutic capacities. In Crohn's Disease, VPE is useful in nonusual clinical presentations: occult intestinal bleeding and in the treatment by dilatation of jejunal and(More)
Intraoperative endoscopy (IOE) is accepted as the ultimate diagnostic procedure for the complete evaluation of small bowel. Until recent years, operative endoscopy was the complement of sonde enteroscopy. The difficulties of this long and fastidious type of examination, for both the patient and the medical team are well known. It provides incomplete(More)
The aim of this study was to search for small bowel lesions by means of a perioperative endoscopy in 20 patients operated on for Crohn's disease. Seven women and 13 men (mean age 29 years) had a total retrograde exploration to the angle of Treitz during an ileocolectomy (16 of 20 patients) or a colonic or ileal resection (four of 20 patients). Endoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Gastric mucosa may have several tiny patterns in portal hypertension. In this prospective study, we used magnifying endoscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to better characterize the morphology of gastric mucosa in patients with cirrhosis, and we evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of magnifying endoscopy. PATIENTS AND(More)