Jean-Serge Dimitri Ouattara

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Given a digital straight line D of known characteristics (a, b, c), and given two arbitrary discrete points A(xa, ya) and B(xb, yb) of it, we are interested in computing the characteristics of the digital straight segment (DSS) of D delimited by the endpoints A and B. Our method is based entirely on the remainder subsequence S = {ax − c mod b; xa ≤ x ≤ xb}.(More)
This paper deals with the Simplified Generalized Perpendicular Bisector (SGBP) presented in [1, 2]. The SGPB has some interesting properties that we explore. We show in particular that the SGPB can be used for the recognition and exhaustive parameter estimation of noisy discrete circles. A second application we are considering is the error estimation for a(More)
In this paper we take rst steps in addressing the 3D Digital Subplane Recognition Problem. Let us consider a digital plane P : 0 ≤ ax+ by − cz + d < c (w.l.o.g. 0 ≤ a ≤ b ≤ c) and a nite subplane S of P de ned as the points (x, y, z) of P such that (x, y) ∈ [x0, x1]× [y0, y1]. The Digital Subplane Recognition Problem consists in determining the(More)
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