Jean-Sebastien Pierrard

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This paper presents a novel framework to localize in a photograph prominent irregularities in facial skin, in particular nevi (moles, birthmarks). Their characteristic configuration over a face is used to encode the person's identity independent of pose and illumination. This approach extends conventional recognition methods, which usually disregard such(More)
Morphable face models constitute a unifying framework for the analysis and synthesis of images. In the field of Computer Graphics, they are applied to synthesize photo-realistic animation of face images; in the domain of Computer Vision, they are used in face recognition applications compensating variations across pose, illumination and facial expressions.(More)
The molecular mechanisms underlying the actions of K channel openers (KCOs) on KATP channels were studied with the patch clamp technique in excised inside-out patches from frog skeletal muscle fibers. Benzopyran KCOs (levcromakalim and SR 47063) opened channels partially blocked by ATP, ADP, or ATP gamma s, with and without Mg2+, but they had no effects in(More)
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