Jean-Sebastien Gualtieri

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In order to compare piezoelectric materials and devices, an intrinsic parameter, the motional time constant tau(1)/sup (m/)=(omega/sub m/Q/sub m/)(-1) for a particular mode m is employed. The use of tau(1)/sup (m/) follows from the accommodation of acoustic loss in the elastic compliance/stiffness and the establishment of material coefficients that are(More)
Experimental measurements of alpha quartz thermal expansion as reported in the literature have been critically analyzed. A recommended set of best measured values over the temperature range -50 degrees C to +150 degrees C have been determined, as have values for the coefficient of thermal linear expansion (CTE) and the thermoelastic coefficients. The impact(More)
Experimental observations are described in the air-sweeping of alpha-quartz that reveal the introduction of hydrogen. Porous electrodes facilitate the indiffusion of hydrogen. By contrast, the use of thick, nonporous, strongly adherent Au/Cr electrodes causes a color-center front to advance from anode to cathode. Evidence is presented that indicates that:(More)
Infrared absorption and scanning electron microscopic techniques show that color-center and/or electrode-metal introduction into quartz is influenced by the porosity of evaporated metal electrodes. Thermal-stress relief of electrode-metal films, during sweeping, normally causes porosity. If the porosity is extensive, H introduction predominates and(More)
Infrared extinction coefficients obtained using quartz samples lapped with a 3 mum abrasive compound were found to be much smaller than anticipated. The improvement in extinction coefficient is traceable to the irregular surface finish. To demonstrate this improvement, polished quartz samples were evaluated and compared to evaluations after lapping the same(More)
The Sustainable TEchnologies for LittoraL Aquaculture and MArine REsearch (STELLA MARE) platform has as an objective to provide data for the management of the sea in relation with the fishing industry. In this paper, we introduce the first experiment on the active tracking of a crab species, Maja squinado, symbolic of the deregulation of fishing activity.(More)
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