Jean S. Peterson

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OBJECTIVE Drug trafficking seems to be both prevalent and associated with considerable morbidity and mortality among inner-city African-American males. Survey data has indicated the possible importance of economic need in the rapid emergence of drug trafficking in this population. In the present study, an historical-cultural approach is used to examine this(More)
The Current Journal Bulletin (or CJB) was a weekly publication of abstracts of articles in current issues of scientific periodicals. I3ecause the interests of the Du Pont Company are broad, the bulletin covered chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering. To facilitate use of the bulletin, abstracts were assigned to one or more of 20 classes (Table I). A(More)
144 Words) Students with exceptional academic potential who come from low-income families are frequently not identified for and consequently are underrepresented in gifted and talented programs. Because of this, new means of identifying such children must be developed. This paper presents the findings of exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses(More)
Although there is a growing body of literature focused on child and adolescent grief, surprisingly little information addresses the needs of school communities with regard to death. The emerging literature has focused primarily on crisis management when someone within the school community dies. Neglect has been the more common occurrence in which an(More)