Jean-Sébastien Krauth

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Many experimental designs in the behavioral sciences and neurosciences yield for each subject a response curve defined by number of correlated measurements. The common parametric and nonparametric statistical tests assume independent measurements and cannot be used in this context. After reviewing contemporary approaches to this problem, procedures for the(More)
The tuberomammillary nucleus (TM), located in the posterior hypothalamic region, consists of five subgroups and is the only known source of brain histamine. In the present experiment, rats received bilateral ibotenic acid or sham lesions in the rostroventral part of the TM (E2-region). Three weeks later they were tested on the elevated plus-maze test of(More)
UNLABELLED We studied the time course of arterial hypotension and/or bradycardia requiring treatment during spinal anesthesia and compared the efficacy of i.v. fluid or vasoconstrictor administration for the prevention of these side effects. Patients (n = 1066) were randomly allocated to either a volume group (lactated Ringer's solution 15 mL/kg within 15(More)
The assumptions upon which a correct interpretation of the t-test depends are rarely fulfilled by data from the neurosciences. This applies to both independent and correlated samples. The Mann-Whitney U-test is suggested as an alternative for the t-test for independent samples. The way in which significant results from this test should be interpreted is(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate three predictive risk models of non-sentinel lymph node (NSLN) involvement in the case of micrometastatic sentinel node (SLN) involvement for breast cancer. STUDY DESIGN This retrospective study included 72 successive patients with micrometastatic SLN involvement who had surgery between March 1996 and October 2007. All patients had(More)
Whereas convincing evidence exists for an important role of the hippocampus in mechanisms underlying memory and encoding of location in space, the contribution of the hippocampus to the system underlying central processes of reinforcement is less well established. Scattered data suggesting that hippocampal ablation increases the effectiveness of positive(More)
The purpose of this experiment was to investigate whether the neurokinin substance P (SP) can enhance adaptive graft effects on learning and memory functions in animals with lesions of the hippocampus. Adult male Wistar rats received a bilateral kainic acid (KA) lesion of the dorsal hippocampus. One week postlesion, bilateral grafts of fetal hippocampal(More)
In conditioned place preference experiments, groups of animals are typically compared by means of the total time spent in a treatment environment. The total times are often positively skewed, which prohibits the use of parametric procedures that require normal distributions. Common response time models for such total times are also inadequate because the(More)
We report a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO) for the mid-infrared (mid-IR), generating a record average power of 110 mW at 7 μm. The OPO, based on CdSiP(2) (CSP) as the nonlinear crystal, provides idler wavelength tuning across 6540-7186 nm with spectral bandwidths >400  nm at -10  dB level over the entire range, and a maximum bandwidth of(More)
It is assumed that recovery curves may be produced either by a dynamic process caused by a feedback mechanism or by a linear compensation process which is independent of previous compensation. Based on this assumption, 3 types of recovery functions are derived. Two behavior functions correspond to each of these types of recovery curves, one starting at a(More)