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this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, except with the prior permission in writing of the Publisher, or in the case of reprographic reproduction, in accordance with the terms of the licences issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency. Enquiries for permission to reproduce material outside those terms should be(More)
Much development work is ongoing addressing technologies and their application in the health domain, in order to achieve solutions that are non-invasive to every day life and work. As with many previous phases of informatics to support health, currently the developments are in islands and there is considerable untapped potential for synergy. Much research(More)
distribution of blood lead levels for the civilian noninstitutiona lized population, ages 6 months-74 years. Blood lead data collected in the second National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES 11)are presented by selected demographic and socioeconomic factors, and in association with relevant medical history items and biochemical measures. All(More)
BACKGROUND In 2003, the National Health Service in England and Wales, despite its large investment in information and communication technology, had not set a national research agenda. The National Health Service has three main research and development programs: one is the Service Delivery and Organisation program, commissioned in 2003, and the others are(More)
This case study report of the establishment of a national repository of multi-media materials describes the creation process, the challenges faced in putting it into operation and the opportunities for the future. The initial resource has been incorporated under standard library and knowledge management practices. A collaborative action research method was(More)
Estimates of the Periodontal Index (PI) and the Simplified Oral Hygiene Index (OHIS) for noninstitutionalized children aged 6-11 years in the United States, by age, sex, race, family income, education of the head of household, andgeographic region, and a correlation analysis of the interrelation of the PI, OHI-S, and selected demographic characteristics.(More)
We consider a model for flow in a porous medium with a fracture in which the flow in the fracture is governed by the Darcy-Forchheimer law while that in the surrounding matrix is governed by Darcy's law. We give an appropriate mixed, variational formulation and show existence and uniqueness of the solution. To show existence we give an analogous formulation(More)
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