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Class II major histocompatibility complex (Ia)-bearing dendritic cells (DC) from airway epithelium and lung parenchyma express low-moderate antigen presenting cell (APC) activity when freshly isolated. However, this function is markedly upregulated during overnight culture in a manner analogous to epidermal Langerhans cells. The in vitro "maturation"(More)
Collagenase digestion of tissue slices from perfused, lavaged SPF rat lung released approximately 10(8) viable mononuclear cells per gram tissue, which comprised 35% T lymphocytes and up to 26% macrophages. A subset of these cells that were Ia+, surface Ig-, nonadherent, FcR- and of ultra low density (putative dendritic cells [DC]), presented protein(More)
We studied the distribution, within the rabbit medulla oblongata, of neuronal cell bodies containing either tyrosine hydroxylase or neuropeptide Y-like immunoreactivity. Both avidin-biotin and immunofluorescence procedures were used. Because the two primary antibodies were raised in different species it was possible to perform simultaneous colocalization(More)
Conventional immunohistochemical analysis of airway intraepithelial class II major histocompatibility complex (Ia) expression demonstrates a morphologically heterogeneous pattern of staining, suggestive of the presence of a mixed population of endogenous antigen presenting cells. Employing a novel tissue sectioning technique in conjunction with optimal(More)
Fasting plasma lipid and insulin concentrations were measured in 173 patients with gall stones and 284 hospital controls to investigate their relationship to this disease. Multivariate methods of analysis were used to estimate the net associations between individual plasma variables and the risk of developing gall stones. In both sexes increased plasma(More)
The addition of an excess of inorganic phosphate in the form of orthophosphoric acid, acid, basic or neutral sodium or potassium phosphate to the diet of albino rats results in the development of an interesting and permanent renal lesion. The phosphate renal lesion is characterized by a necrosis of the cells of the convoluted tubules commencing at the(More)
This study utilises a simple technique to section airway epithelium in a plane parallel to the basement membrane, thus providing a unique plan view of the intra-epithelial cell populations. Immunoperoxidase staining of these tissue sections for class II major histocompatibility complex Ia antigen reveals a virtually contiguous network of Ia-positive(More)
Human growth hormone (hGH) was administered to chronically cannulated male rats and its effect upon the physiological secretory patterns of rat growth hormone (rGH) and prolactin were observed. In comparison with injected control animals, a reduction in the size of spontaneous secretory bursts of rGH was apparent when hormone concentrations were compared(More)