Jean Pierre Vigier

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A detailed analysis of the Michelson-Morley ether drift experiment (from 1887 to 1926) contradicts the classical law of addition of velocities. The small ether drifts first observed by Michelson are not compatible with Newtonian Mechanics. This result paved the way for the first form of the Theory of Relativity in which light velocity is always equal to c(More)
Quantum theory is incompatible with the following propositions. (1) The result of the measurement of an operator A depends solely on A and on the system being measured. (2) If operators A and B commute, the result of a measurement of their product AB is the product of the results of separate measurements of A and orB. Various quantum "paradoxes" [ 1-5 ] are(More)
  • A B Karabut, Y R Kucherov, I B Savvatimova, Ya R Kucherov, J P Vigier
  • 1992
Nuclear product ratio for glow discharge in deuterium. New results for glow discharge in deuterium calorimetry are presented. In separate experiments a heat output five times exceeding the input electric power was observed. The result for the charged particle spectrum measurement is presented. Charged particles with energies up to 18 MeV and an average(More)
The use of totally implantable venous access devices developed as a medical device allowing mid- and long-term, frequent, repeated, or continuous injection of therapeutic products, by vascular, cavitary, or perineural access. The effective flushing of these devices is a central element to assure long-lasting use. Our experimental work demonstrates that(More)
Similar seasonal differences were described previously in a smaller series (3). In addition, we discovered a simultaneous course of TH in three sets of twins and two other sibling pairs (neither parent was affected). " Epidemic " incidence and familial occurrence strongly support a relationship of TH with viral, protozoal, or other infections (4, 5). On the(More)
We analyse a stochastic linearised extension of the Yukawa-Takabayasi-Feyn-man bilocal oscillator model and show that: (a) the external Poincare group P commutes with an internal extension of the Lorentz group, i.e. U(1) 0 S0(6,2); (b) the corresponding internal fundamental spinor representation of the associated D4 algebra yields eight quarks and eight(More)
The Markovian random walk of a point at the velocity of fight on a two-dimensional invariant space-time lattice is shown to yield the quantum statistic associated with the Klein-Gordon equation. Quantum mechanics thus appem~ as a particular case of Markovian processes in velocity space: and one justifies the introduction of Dirac's invariant "ether" as a(More)
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