Jean-Pierre Vigier

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In this work we extend Vigier's recent theory of 'tight bound state' (TBS) physics and propose empirical protocols to test not only for their putative existence, but also that their existence if demonstrated provides the 1 st empirical evidence of string theory because it occurs in the context of large-scale extra dimensionality (LSXD) cast in a unique(More)
Recent developments in physics and astrophysics lead us to introduce a new tired-light mechanism involving an interaction between a massive photon and Dirac's vacuum particles. 1. Tired-light mechanisms appeared in the literature as early as the late twenties, when Zwicky (1929), disturbed by the large values of the apparent recession velocities of(More)
Recent results in EPR-type experiments on singlet photon pairs which establish (a) the non-existence of local hidden variables, (b) the existence of quantum superluminal correlations between the action of independent parts of a measuring device separated by spaceqike intervals, are interpreted causally within the frame of the stochastic interpretation of(More)
The use of elastomeric diffusers (EDs) has grown together with the expansion of home care. In these devices, the fill volume of the drug reservoir and the flow rate are preset and cannot be modified. The elastomer, which makes up the reservoir walls, is what makes the infusate flow due to the pressure it exerts. The purpose of this work was to quantify,(More)
We recently constructed a causal quantum mechanics in 2 dim. phase space which is more realistic than the de Broglie-Bohm mechanics as it reproduces not just the position but also the momentum probability density of ordinary quantum theory. Here we present an even more ambitious construction in 2n dim. phase space. We conjecture that the causal Hamiltonian(More)
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