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Linear representations of finite groups
Representations and characters: generalities on linear representations character theory subgroups, products, induced representation compact groups examples. Representations in characteristic zero:
A Course in Arithmetic
Part 1 Algebraic methods: finite fields p-adic fields Hilbert symbol quadratic forms over Qp, and over Q integral quadratic forms with discriminant +-1. Part 2 Analytic methods: the theorem on
Quelques applications du théorème de densité de Chebotarev
The present invention relates to multinozzle spraying apparatus for spraying insecticides and the like. A plurality of spray nozzles having differing spray characteristics are provided attached to a
Abelian L-adic representation and elliptic curves
This classic book contains an introduction to systems of l-adic representations, a topic of great importance in number theory and algebraic geometry, as reflected by the spectacular recent
Formes modulaires et fonctions zêta p-adiques
Soient K un corps de nombres algebriques totalement reel, et ζK sa fonction zeta. D’apres un theoreme de Siegel [24], ζK(1 − k) est un nombre rationnel si k est entier ⩾ 1; il est ≠ 0 si k est pair.